Spark Systems – Listed in Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies 2023

SINGAPORE, 17 JAN 2023: Spark Systems, begins the year in The Straits Times – Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies 2023.

Meet Spark Systems.

An ultra-low latency aggregator and eFX solution platform. 

Spark Systems’ unique proprietary technology and robust architecture provide the most complete eFX solution in the market today. A completely new platform was designed and built from the ground up to address critical pain points on Global FX Trading Desks. Areas that were not adequately addressed by legacy systems.

These ‘pain points’ include meeting regulatory requirements (compliance), reducing rejections and smaller slippages in execution, being comprehensively connected to all major banks and other non-bank liquidity providers (market access).

Spark Systems’ core product offerings include:

  • Being an ultra-fast eFX Aggregator Platform that’s designed for hedge funds/trading firms, banks, and broker dealers.
  • Providing efficient access to FX liquidity and reduced trading costs.
  • Trading and pricing features that are tailored to meet your business’ needs.
  • Real time risk management through dynamic hedging and warehousing.
  • Smart Order Routing (SOR) and Algo Driven execution to provide the best venue and way to execute orders.
  • Real time analytics via Spark Systems proprietary tick database. This includes capabilities to back test and capability to facilitate their clients’ quantitative strategies.

SINGAPORE, 17 JAN 2023: Spark Systems, begins the year in The Straits Times – Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies 2023.

Ongoing & future plans 

Global expansion – Spark Systems is working on launching and establishing offices in London, New York, Kuala Lumpur, and Seoul. Once in place, these offices will cover global trading to deliver adjacent currency products and clock large trading volumes.

Joo Seng Wong, the Co-founder and CEO of the company shared that “Spark Systems aims to deliver; simplicity where there is chaos, connectivity where there is fragmentation and resolute client focus where there is often distraction.”

    The First FinTech to disclose ESG data on ESGpedia 

    As of late 2022, Spark Systems were officially announced as the first FinTech on the ESGpedia registry platform.

    Being onboard ESGpedia encompasses three key benefits: Greater Transparency, Sustainable Financing, and Maintaining Competitiveness.

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