PRESS RELEASE – Fintica AI and Spark Systems of Singapore Form Strategic Partnership

Fintica AI Ltd, a leading provider of next-generation AI for the financial industry, and Spark Systems Pte. Ltd, a leading global foreign exchange trading platform, have announced a strategic partnership.

This strategic partnership will enable Spark Systems to accelerate its business development and market reach in Singapore and globally by bringing Fintica AI’s unique unsupervised artificial intelligence technology to its client base.

The finance sector in Singapore has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, with the growing importance and relevance of AI technology as well as a rapidly expanding foreign exchange market at its forefront. Singapore has positioned itself as a global financial hub, and its financial institutions are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to pursue efficiency and profitability. AI-powered solutions, such as those created by Fintica AI, have revolutionized various aspects of finance, from AI-augmented investment decision and risk management to enhanced market liquidity and monitoring.

Fintica AI’s solutions enable analysis of vast amounts of data, giving financial institutions greater leverage to make data-driven decisions swiftly and accurately. This move therefore holds the potential to make Singapore’s financial sector not only more competitive, but also more innovative in the global arena.

The decision of Spark Systems to partner with Fintica AI is a key example of how the Singapore ecosystem is investing in becoming one of the most dynamic financial sectors in the world, driving further innovation and cementing the city-state’s reputation as a cutting-edge financial center.

Wong Joo Seng, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at Spark Systems, said: “Spark Systems is pleased to partner with Fintica AI and its cutting-edge AI technology team that is focused on trading financial markets. Artificial intelligence is neither artificial nor science fiction anymore, it’s real and happening now. Traders armed with AI will possess the most significant edge the industry has seen to date.”

“We are thrilled to partner with our esteemed Singapore counterpart to spearhead transformative initiatives in the foreign exchange trading space,” said Philippe Metoudi, Chief Executive Officer of Fintica AI. “This partnership will enable us to leverage each other’s strengths, tap into the immense potential of Singapore’s financial institutions and fintech ecosystem, and deliver innovative solutions that will shape the future of foreign exchange.”




Fintica AI is a fintech firm dedicated to developing cutting-edge autonomous AI technology for capital markets. Among the company’s core solutions are Orion, an AI-augmented foreign exchange hedging solution tailored for corporate and institutional clients; Spectrum MRI, a platform for identifying market regimes across various asset classes, and providing predictive analytics and risk decision support tools for investment managers; and Bluestream, a liquidity enhancement solution designed for market infrastructures. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Fintica AI maintains a presence in several global financial hubs.


Headquartered in Singapore, Spark Systems is a builder of next-generation; fast, smart and efficient trading platforms. From local banks to hedge funds, and retail traders to corporate treasuries, Spark Systems aims to serve specific requirements of the various FX trading sub groups. Its objective is to enhance usability and improve trading efficiency to perfect the user experience by providing a stable, ultra-low latency aggregator with algorithms for optimized execution. Spark Systems provides an innovative solution to today’s segmented and under-served FX market participants.